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Software for
the TikTok era

You are a TikTok-first brand - Time for a TikTok-first tool:

See all organic customer content on TikTok

Engage with every single post

Find & reward everyone who posted about you

See who posts about your competitors

Analyze & compare full brand engagement

All in one easy dashboard. That is Zelf.

Zelf: supercharge your TikTok teams

Create customer fandom like never before 🔥

no more...


manual searching for customer content


getting lost in mention notifications


one-by-one commenting in the TikTok app


finding fans one-at-a-time to reach out to


guesstimates for competitor popularity

no more...

manual searching for customer content

getting lost in mention notifications

hoping you will see content in your for-you

needing to comment in the TikTok app

Zelf is the first tool to automate all of that 🤩

And it does it...

better, faster, without missing a post

How it works • How it works • How it works • How it works •

Supercharge your TikTok with Zelf's...

TikTok discovery dashboard: Find & join conversations

Be aware of every conversation
dashboards to see all organic customer content about you
competitor views to  see their trending customer content
Focus on content that matters
content search & filters to find the most relevant or most impactful posts
Never miss a story
auto-search to never miss a post again
Make customers feel seen
integrated likes/ comments to easily engage with every post
Reach every fan
saved pre-set comments to increase efficiency
Manage developing narratives
tracking dashboards for swift responses to key topics/ people

Integrated comments & likes: Engage with every post

Organic fans overview & incentives:
Reward your biggest fans

Know who your organic fans are
customer-creator database to easily find your and your competitors’ advocates
Get more people to post
rewards integration to incentivize more customers to become advocates
Keep your best performers excited
filters to identify your best customer-advocates for event invites of free product gifting
Achieve fan-crazed content
boards and favorites to save posts that perform particularly well , for reposting or inspiration
Build highly resonating stories/ products
creator boards to gather content for specific target groups to see what’s top-of-mind for them for messaging and product input
Highlight what matters most
content boards for products/ launches to analyze what to talk about

Saved content
boards & analysis:
Adopt narratives that work

TikTok complete
perception analytics:
Measure holistic
brand presence

Understand/ drive true impact
key metrics linked to complete brand engagement , not to low-impact/ vanity metrics
Make decisions based on what works
content search & filters to find the most relevant or most impactful posts
Manage your perception
TikTok NPS score to see how your customers are feeling at any time

Sample use cases


Community engagement

Engage with your community of customers; make everyone feel special


Improved ad performance

Find high performing content to use as ads to lower cost/ engagement


Increased content library

Identify content for other owned real estate, e.g. to use in owned apps or sites


Customer-led marketing

Understand what messaging already resonates to inform your own marketing

what is the power of zelf?