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zelf. is the platform that puts creators & brands back on the
same team.

“we want to be
a driving force behind that
positive change...”

TikTok has succeeded in giving a platform to real people - not the touched-up Calvin Klein commercial stereotypes, but people like you and I, who have traditionally been passed by media. We now see the effects of that: authenticity is the strongest, most powerful force in marketing yet and a revolution not seen since the dawn of the internet.

We want to be a driving force behind that positive change by helping authentic companies and creators supercharge the use of UGC, and show that everyone is fantastic in their own unique way.

· meet the founders ·

· meet the founders ·

pep & videh collaborated in 2021
to form zelf.

pepijn van kesteren


A world-class strategist that has worked with many of the world's largest consumer brands across all 6 (non-frozen) continents, Pep has a passion for how people connect. The rare mix of pragmatist & optimist, zelf. is a product of he and Videh's vision for a more authentic, inclusive world — as well as the actionable strategy for how to build that reality. "I love how UGC propels honest brands, giving rise to real people, with Gen-Z pushing us towards the authenticity that we all crave."

his true zelf.    
  • Loves pineapple (can eat a whole one in one go)
  • Goes home every year to Burning Man's Black Rock City
  • Has seen "the fifth element" over 40x

videh seksaria


Videh is a technologist who has always been more interested in results than technology. At MIT, he co-founded Alfie with Pepijn to create a more humane alternative to student loans. “I love how the Creator Economy both creates opportunities for brands to reach Gen-Z and for Creators to make a living.”

his true zelf.    
  • has heard Take me to Church literally over 5,000x (worked in a lab w/ a PhD student who would listen to it on repeat like everyday…)
  • firm believer that Chicago pizza is better than NYC pizza (and both are better than Neapolitan “pizza”)
  • attended 13 schools, the shortest for just 4 days